“My momma always said, ‘Skinny is as skinny does’.”

The truth is that skinny people are skinny for a reason, and that reason is that they make healthy choices that enable them to stay skinny. People that are skinny choose the right things in life, and that is what prevents them from packing on the pounds. If you are interested in getting thin or staying thin, it is important that you mimic these skinny people and their healthy choices. Don’t know what these choices are?

Habit 1 – Eating more whole foods
The first habit of naturally skinny people is eating whole foods. Whole foods contain tons of fiber, which helps to aid in digestion and the elimination of fats and cholesterol from the body. Whole foods also contain all kinds of awesome nutrients, meaning that you can get a lot of what your body needs just by eating them. Finally, whole food contain much less starch, while the calories that you get from whole foods are guaranteed to fill you up much more quickly than refined or processed foods.

Habit 2 – Being more active
Skinny people don’t have the monopoly on being active, but they are certainly the ones who do the most activities in their daily life. Skinny people aren’t just content to do exercise occasionally, but they take the stairs, run down to the corner store, walk to the supermarket, stroll around the park, and do other things that keep them active and fit. They don’t spend their day looking for the easiest way to do things, but they just do them regardless of the amount of energy it requires.

Habit 3 – Eating more healthy protein
Did you know that protein is one of the best things that you can eat in order to stay skinny? Protein helps to build muscles, and muscle helps to burn fat. If you eat more protein, you will find that you can lose weight by building muscle that will get rid of the fat. However, the really healthy proteins are the ones that are lean, such as chicken breast, tuna fish, or legumes. Skinny people don’t always eat these foods, but you can bet that they are on the shopping list.

Habit 4 – Snacking the right way
Skinny people have the benefit of being able to eat pretty much anything they want, but the truth is that eating anything you want is highly overrated. Skinny people usually have a snack, but they snack the right way and eat the foods that will actually be good for them. Whether it is a glass of milk or a piece of fruit, skinny people tend to snack on the foods that are filling while still being low in fat.

Habit 5 – Doing exercise regularly
There are some skinny people that are naturally skinny, and they will never be able to pack on the pounds no matter how hard they try. Most skinny people, however, tend to spend some time every day doing exercise, as that helps them to stay skinny. Those skinny people who want to stay thin will try and do some cardio along with strength training exercises, as that will ensure that they can stay fit and slim without suffering.

Habit 6 – Avoiding harmful lifestyle choices
There are many skinny people that drink and smoke to their heart’s content, but their heart soon becomes discontent and starts having problems. Skinny people that stay skinny usually quit smoking after a while, as they realize that it can cause all kinds of problems. Drinking in moderation is also another mark of a skinny person, as they stop being skinny once they start drinking a lot more than they should. People that drink and smoke too much usually end up gaining weight, but those that limit or omit these things stay skinny.

Habit 7 – Weighing themselves regularly
It may sound vain for a skinny person to weight themselves, as they have nothing to worry about. However, the truth is that skinny people are just as likely to gain weight as larger people. The only difference is that skinny people are at a good weight, so they are weighing themselves in order to notice any increases in their weight that they need to take steps to correct – as that will help them to prevent future weight gains.

Habit 8 – Drinking lots of water
For those looking to lose weight or to keep the weight away, drinking lots of water is one of the best things to do. Water helps to cleanse the body of all the junk floating around, and it helps to prevent water retention that can lead to weight gain. Skinny people may not drink a lot more water than larger people, but the fact that they drink water ensures that their body continues to work well and get rid of the excess stuff that could cause weight gain.

Habit 9 – Eating breakfast regularly
Skinny people tend to be hungry often, so they know that eating breakfast is one of the best things that they can do. They love to eat a hearty breakfast, as it helps them to get their fill of calories and nutrients before their day begins. Eating a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day, and it prevents the desire to snack from taking over their body.

Habit 10 – Focusing on what they are eating
It may sound contradictory, but skinny people often focus more on what they are eating than larger people. Mindless eating is a problem for those that like to sit in front of the TV and eat a hearty meal, as they end up eating more than they should. Skinny people focus on what they are eating, and they end up eating less as a result.

If you want to be skinny, adopt these habits in your life and see yourself join the ranks of the “lean and trim” you want to be like.

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