If you are one of the many people in the world that don’t quite live up to the healthy ideals that they want to follow, the good news is that today is the first day of the rest of your healthy life! You can make the decision today to start living in a health way, and you can use the tips below to help you be healthier in every way in every day. Sure, it is going to be a challenge, but all the good things in live come at a price. If you can make the commitment to start being healthy today, you will find that good health and happiness are just around the corner.

I Like to Move It, Move It…

If there is one thing to do to have a healthier lifestyle, that one thing would probably be to start exercising. Exercise not only helps you to get more fit, but it helps you to start examining every other area of your life in order to make small adjustments. By moving around and doing exercise a lot more, you will find yourself thinking, “Hmm, I should probably stop doing that and start doing this in order to be healthy.”

It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do – JUST DO IT! Start going to the gym three times a week, or start taking evening walks with your spouse. Park your car at the opposite end of the parking lot, or walk to the corner store to get your groceries. Take the stairs when going down, even if you don’t want to climb them. Start doing more activities that force you to move around, and life will all of a sudden start to look better and healthier.

Eat Fresh

Fresh food contains tons of nutrients, and you will find that eating fresh is another great way to have a healthy lifestyle. Oh, sure, all your favorite foods are the artificial and processed ones that you buy in boxes and bags, but do you have any idea what the ingredients are doing to your body? Many of these food items have no more nutrients than the cardboard or plastic that they are packaged in, so it is a good idea to avoid them.

If artificial food was better for you than fresh food, don’t you think cup noodles would grow on trees? The truth is that fresh food always contains more nutrients, lower calories, and vitamins and minerals that your body actually NEEDS in order to be healthy. If you are serious about having a healthy life, start cutting out the junk food and eating food that you prepare with your own hands. Your new rule of thumb can be “If I can make it with raw ingredients, I can eat it.” That should be enough to eliminate all the junk food from your diet.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is something that you actually have to go out and look for; it won’t just fall into your lap as you sit on the couch watching TV. If you feel that something is missing in your life, take the time to start looking around to find what it could be. It could be that you are missing out on social contact, that you feel the need to get up and be more active, or do something that you have never done before.

Find whatever it is that makes you happy, and do it as much as you can. If it is spending time with your kids, do it! If it is exercise, do it! If it is staying indoors with a good book on a rainy day, do it! Finding those things that make you happy will ensure that you are healthy.

Get Into Nature

Nature is made for your beauty, and there is nothing quite as beautiful as sitting on a beach or on a mountain watching the sun set. Get out of your house and the stuffy air that you breathe all day long, and start doing more things out in nature. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise, but you can find ways to exercise in fresh air.

Instead of sitting on the stationary bicycle or taking spinning classes at your gym, why not spend a few hours on the weekend biking around town? Instead of hitting the treadmill, why not run in a local park? Instead of taking your spouse to the movies, why not settle for a romantic picnic in the park under the stars? It is essential that you get into nature as much as you can, as the relaxing beauty of nature will help to melt away your stress. The fresh air that you inhale when out in nature will do wonders for your body, so get out of your house and get into nature today!

Live Green

Being more environmentally friendly will take work, but it’s well worth it in order to be healthier. Did you know that riding your bike to work not only gives you exercise, but it saves money and reduces the amount of carbon emissions you are responsible for? Walking more or taking public transportation can be tiresome, but it will help you cut back on costs and help you burn a few more calories.

Going green is a whole way of life, but you will find that it will be one of the best choices you can make if you are serious about having a healthy lifestyle. When you start examining your daily habits to find the parts of your life that can be greener, you will find that there are many ways that you can be healthier as well. By making just a few small changes to your life to be a bit more eco-friendly, you will actually improve your life in many ways and end up a happier and healthier person as a result of your efforts.

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