If you are like everyone else in the world, no doubt you want to make your exercise and workout as effective as possible. After all, you are working hard, so it stands to reason that you would want to see results for your efforts. However, making your workouts more effective may not be as challenging as you might have thought, though it will require a few changes in the way you work out.
Don’t know what to do?

Do It With Someone Else
One reason that many people fail to be faithful with their exercise program and really push themselves to the limit is that they do it alone. If you are doing your exercise alone, you don’t have anyone who will help you to push yourself, or who can help you to not give in when the exercise is too challenging. You may feel, “Oh well, this is just too hard so I am going to do something easier.” If you do that, your exercise and workouts will never really be as effective as they should be.

The secret, therefore, lies in having someone else work out with you. If you know that you are likely to cheat on your exercise program or give up before you’ve really pushed yourself, bring a friend along with you to help you be accountable. If you both are accountable to each other, you won’t have as hard a time seeing the workout through. If you really want to do your best and push yourself, bring along someone that you want to impress – like a buddy who is much stronger than you or a man or woman that you are attracted to. You can bet your boots that you’ll do your best then!

Add Some Weight
You may be great when running or going on the treadmill, and you can probably go for an hour or so without really working hard. However, if you want to make your workout as effective as possible, you will find that adding a bit of weight can help to push your body to its limits. You don’t have to pack on the weight like you are training to be a world-class athlete, but even adding a few pounds can totally change the dynamic of the workout.
Say you run 5 miles a day, and you can usually get the run done in an hour. Rather than adding another mile or increasing the pace, just run at the same speed – but wearing ankle weights. Even adding a couple of pounds will push your muscles much more, as you will have to work harder just to go the same distance. You will find that even adding a couple of pounds to a workout can take it from routine to challenging.

Drink More Water
Surprisingly, drinking even just one cup of water before your workout is one of the best ways to have a more effective workout. If you can drink that one cup of water before working out and drink the equivalent of one cup of water for every 20 minutes of your workout, you will avoid the fatigue and exhaustion that are the early signs of dehydration. You won’t have to worry about tiring out quickly because you are replenishing your body’s supply of water.

You don’t have to drink a cup every 20 minutes, but you should at least sip the water in order to obtain that amount of water. If you are doing a cardio workout, drinking one whole cup of water can cause you to get a cramp. If, however, you can sip the water and still get that cup’s equivalent every 20 minutes, you should have no problems making it through your workouts energized.

Be Inspired About It
One secret to really going the distance with a workout is to be inspired by your workout. A lack of motivation may often be the reason that you fail to really make progress during your workouts, as you see no reason to push yourself. If you can give yourself a reason to give your workout your all, you should have no problem going the distance and really pushing yourself to your limits.

If motivation isn’t what helps you, try livening things up a bit by adding some of your favorite dance tunes or rock music. Some good hardcore music can be just what you need to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving, or any kind of music that has a faster beat. Don’t relax with soothing music that calms your mind, but pump music into your ears that will speed up your movements and get your adrenaline pumping. Also, don’t be stuck in the same routine of jogging, lifting weights, or cycling every day. Get outside and walk in the part, try functional training at home, sign up for a class that interests you, and do whatever it takes to bring the inspiration to your workouts.

Try Circuit Training
Circuit training is considered to be one of the more effective methods of really getting the most out of your workout, and you may find that pushing all of your muscles to the limits in a single workout can actually be quite motivating.

If you don’t have a lot of time to work out – as you may be a busy professional or student – why not try doing a few circuits of exercise every day. If you have 15 minutes between meetings, try doing a set of push ups, a few dips, and some lunges to get all your muscles pumping. Later on, you can do some military presses, hammer curls, and a set of squats. Jog for a few minutes while curling some light dumbbells, and then take a few moments to hold your body in the plank position. If you can try the circuit training method, you can get a much better workout for your whole body a few times a day.

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